Make the Innovation Lab Work for You

The Innovation Lab is the place for you and your students to push the boundaries of thinking. Try something new, incorporate ideas that you can't do in the regular classroom.

A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.

by Albert Einstein

We can set it up for you to send small groups, whole class, or individual students.

The great thing about this is you, as the teacher, do not have to prepare anything. If your students need a challenge, the Innovation Lab can be that challenge.

Ideas for Challenge

  • Snap Circuits
  • Programming (all levels)
  • 3d Designing and Printing
  • Presentations (video, web, print)

If you have a specific area of study, send kids to the Innovation Lab to challenge them in other ways.

Ideas for Students

  • Create a video
  • Create a digital poster
  • Design a 3d solution (and print it)
  • Create a webpage
  • Design an experiment
  • Create a real-world product
  • Research a topic and create a presentation

Want your whole class involved? Set up a course for your kids.

Whole Class Ideas

  • Virtual Reality - Virtual Field Trip
  • Digital Presentations
  • Escape Room Challenge
  • Sphero Robot Programming

These are just a few ideas. As we build up supplies and ideas, we can do more. Check out some of the posts about the ideas for more information or send an email and we'll get started.